Some ideas on sustainable production (I)

Regarding product design policies, recycling and waste management

  • Product design in order to improve the efficiency and energetic yield.
  • In the case of energy non-consuming products, the goal is the production with minimum energy consumption, or minimum energy waste when reused or recycled.
  • To establish tax burdens for environmentally unacceptable practices and/or products, according with the principle “who contaminates must pay”.
  • On the other side, encourage the environmentally more advanced products, for instance, those containing a bigger amount of recycled material. In addition, promote products whose recycling or reuse, results cheaper.
  • To establish appropriate procedures for auditing and control the right recycling of the product and the correct management of its wastes.
  • To establish of minimum amounts of recycled material in articles like cars or cars parts, plastic materials…

Alfredo Garcia-Espantaleon